I’m a creative at heart.  As such, I’ve always been interested in the laws that relate to creative endeavors and with crafting legal strategies that support, safeguard and strengthen creative projects and businesses.


I’m a nerd.  I love learning, and this has further attracted me to the areas of New and Social Media because they are growing and changing daily.  In so doing, they are changing so much about our world - what and how we create, how we connect and communicate, how we conduct and transact business - everything. The legal frameworks that touch these areas are changing with them, and I get to be in the thick of it.


Most importantly, I appreciate what creative people have to offer the world. And, as a bonus - in working to support, protect and further their contributions - I get to be surrounded by people who are doing really interesting things, who inspire me on a daily basis, and who inspire others.


I look forward to working with you,

Three Reasons Why I Do (and Love) What I Do

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